Customer Testimonials
“I rent out my Harms Land Roller and roll about 10,000 acres a year. I like the way it folds and unfolds so easily. You don’t have to get out of the tractor. I like pulling 12,000 lbs. when I only need to pull 12,000 lbs. If I need to pull a heavier load I can fill it up with water even though I’ve never needed to do that.” “With the new root balls that stick up from today’s corn roots it pushes them down into the soil and you don’t have any problems when you combine the fields next fall. It pushes the ripples down. It’s like combining a golf course.”

- Dean Ibberson, Sleepy Eye, MN

“There’s no better land roller on the market. It’s considerably less money due to the simplicity and engineering. The mass produced rollers require less intensive labor. We cover about 2500 acres a year. We traded in our smaller Harms Land Roller for a new 45’ model, and we’ve done about 5,000 acres with it. It forces the rocks into the ground so you don’t combine rocks and you get better seed germination because of the compacted soil.”

- Roy Olsen, Parkers Prairie, MN

“I purchased my 30’ Harms Roller 3 years ago and have enjoyed smooth fields ever since. No rocks, clumps or air pockets. I get excellent seed to soil contact resulting in better germination and my Harms roller is easy to use. It is simple to fold up and transport and requires little upkeep. It is a must-have piece of equipment.”

- Nick French, Bertha, MN

• Keeps moisture in the soil
• Firmly packs soil to prevent weed growth
• Enables better germination
• Can be used on alfalfa, hay, soybeans and more

More sizes to handle your needs

12'   15'   30'   36'   40'   45'   62'  

• 24" drum diameter

• 1/2" drum wall thickness

• 6-hole hub rated to industry maximum

  of 5,000 lbs.

• Variable flex slot allows for rollers to flex in

  the field on uneven surfaces

• Wing steering for easy folding

• 2-7/16 bearings for proven performance

• All pivots are grease zirc fitted

• 36' and larger units feature rear stabilizer

  braces for added support

Trails Easily

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